Horizontal or vertical tanning: main advantages of each type

In summer people may visit the nearest beach or even go to rooftop of their houses in order to get bronze tan. But in winter such task becomes much more difficult. Fortunately there exists the service of indoor tanning that provides perfect effect. There exist two types of tanning beds: horizontal and vertical ones. They have both pros and cons.
Horizontal type is an imitation of a beach. You may lay there and relax imaging palms, sand and ocean views. Such procedure provides bronze color on the one hand and perfect relaxing you on the other hand. Vertical type is a cabin where you may move, dance, etc. while special lamps provide uniform tanning of your body.
In horizontal tanning beds the lower part of your body gets better tan and moreover there excluded the risk of sunburn.
Selecting between horizontal and vertical types remember that specialists recommend to combine them in order to get perfect result. Ordering tanning Bay Ridge, consult foremost with experienced specialists in order to define frequency and duration of sessions.