Myths and truth about restoration of ceramic tile surface: what should be taken into account?

People understand that nothing lasts forever and even the most qualitative ceramic tile loses its attractiveness through the years. On the one hand replacement is inevitable but on the other hand homeowners do not want to spend much money and time. Fortunately there exists perfect decision lying in applying a respected company where tile reglazing service is offered.
Meanwhile there exist some myths concerning the service:
• Reglazing may be provided without professional help.
On the one hand such service may be provided by homeowners themselves but on the other hand qualitative agents only should be applied. Moreover in case of special experience absence the desirable result obtaining is almost impossible.
• Reglazing provides temporal effect.
Of course defects and damages will appear through the years but such service doubles ceramic tile serving term. Such service provides the same effect as replacement does but saves much time and money.
But remember that qualified and experienced technicians only should be hired therefore be sure that you deal with a respected companies.