The sequence of a bathroom faucet selection: what is the most important?

Most people regard faucets as insignificant detail but incorrect selection may completely spoil your interior therefore many different recommendations should be obligatory taken into account. Bathroom faucets should be simultaneously simple and elegant looking. Convenience in using and design are also among important factors.
While selecting a faucet define its type. There exist cartridge, ball, compression and touchless types. Every type has both advantages and minuses therefore selection should be totally personal while taking into account recommendations of professional designers is absolutely useful.
Then you need to understand design that will be suitable for your washroom interior. Bronze and gold faucets perfectly match classic interior while silver models are suitable for contemporary décor.
Producers are also important and nowadays Italian faucets and other bathroom accessories are regarded as the most qualitative ones. CAE international faucets produced by well-known Italian brand are undoubtedly qualitative and long-serving ones.